Heidi Smith

Marketing Strategist

Heidi Smith

Loving what you do makes all the difference in the world.

With our passion & energy, our projects are unmistakable & miles from the ordinary.


  • Our business is to know your business.

  • We take our job as serious as you take yours.

  • We're budget-conscious & scrupulous about recommendations.

  • We don't believe in excuses.

Megan LaSalla 

Creative Director

"Game changing performance relies on an investment in your communications, not on a series of transactions."

Results-driven marketing professionals with progressive experience successfully developing winning marketing and sales strategies, building brand value, executing best-in-class events and skillfully managing end-to-end projects to achieve business objectives.

Experienced in digital marketing, interactive strategy and e-commerce. Accomplished at creative development, website operations, platform management, project management, and collaborating effectively with clients to improve customer acquisition, conversion and retention rates.